Introducing Litmos AI Assistant

Litmos AI Assistant harnesses the power of Generative AI to craft tailored learning experiences for all users, enabling them to improve content discoverability, knowledge sharing, information recall, clarification on content, course recommendations, and course assignments for training.

With the AI Assistant, learners can use natural language prompts to more efficiently surface information, find relevant course recommendations and come away with targeted materials required for their position. All responses are accompanied by citations to ensure data is only drawn from the customer’s Litmos library collection or their own uploaded training content.

Administrators and managers save time with content discoverability, training assignments, and tracking progress, ultimately driving efficiency and elevating performance.

Our AI Assistant is powered by Litmos’ proprietary AI infrastructure, so customer data is not shared externally, allowing admins to have complete control in the secure upload of content, training courses, SCORM files, training aides, and more.

AI Assistant

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